The Wild Botanist

‘The Wild Botanist’ is derived from a mindset, we eulogise nature and marvel over everything she brings. Each awe inspiring element is encapsulated in our work for it’s own unique splender. We commit to resourcefulness and protecting our planet, after all we only have one and what a wonder she is.

Foraged Botanical Elements

Our Botanical Collection has been carefully curated to incorporate the finest ingredients from around the world. Ethically sourced and scientifically proven, our ingredients have been chosen for their naturally enhancing benefits.


Ethically sourced

The journey of your product begins by sourcing the finest quality ingredients from only trusted sources around the globe. We support fair-trade & oppose modern day slavery.


Hand mixed & poured in the UK

Our Cambridgeshire workshop is where each raw ingredient is measured, mixed & poured. Our ranges are meticulously tested to attain The Wild Botanists seal of approval.


Vegan friendly & cruelty free

Our zero-tolerance approach means no animal testing & no animal derived products, only guilt-free enjoyment for us & our community.


Recyclable, Re-usable, Eco-friendly

Every part of our product is recyclable, re-usable or bio-degradeable. From the re-usable glass candle container to the bio-degradeable shipping peanuts we use for packaging.