Listing with Leida

Our innovative, passionate and downright marvellous Brands are at the forefront of everything we do at Leida. After all, without our Brands we are nothing! Throughout our short lifetime, it has been so important to us at Leida that the Brands we promote and represent are high quality, innovative and usually not found in general high street stores.

Unfortunately, not all the applications we receive to list a Brand and Products on our website will be accepted, please don’t be disheartened if we are not able to progress your application there could be many reasons for this, usually because we feel it is not quite the right match for either of us.

For those that do become a part of the Leida Brand family, we are here to help you grow, help boost sales and to do that we have a continuous development programme for our website (we are on our second major website re-development in 2020 and we haven’t hit the halfway mark yet), we have an SEO plan in place and you will most probably have seen our social media campaigns which run constantly across all the major social media platforms.

Listing with Leida

When you list with Leida the only cost that is levied is a transactional cost of 14.5% of the sale. That means you don’t pay to list your products, you don’t pay for social media coverage, you don’t pay for the SEO work and you don’t pay admin fees – you just pay this modest percentage when we sell your item!
There are of course terms and conditions when Listing with Leida, we advise you to read these thoroughly, not because there is any hidden nasties, for example we do not charge a delisting fee or any such nonsense, but we have found that everyone is much happier when we all know where we stand. If you have any queries regarding Listing with Leida then please do call us on 01582 433720 (yes we are real people) or if it is out of office hours pop an email through to us

If you would like to apply to List your Brand and Products with us then complete this short form and we will review your Brand and Products and get back to you with a decision within 1 working day: