A range of designer outerwear for the modern man from The London Coat Company. Located in London, the company designs, develops and produces its own styles and trends; bringing fashion to those who aspire to stay ahead of the crowd. Expertly constructed by highly skilled and experienced tailors using only the finest regionally sourced fabrics, trims and materials. All the company’s jackets and coats are created by a small team of fashion conscious individuals, whose sole objective it is to continuously inspire all of us to buy British quality products.

The London Coat Company is pleased to have become a Premier Partner of LEIDA, itself a fast and growing ecommerce platform. Through the LEIDA platform, The London Coat Company’s clothing range is now not only sold throughout the United Kingdom, but throughout Europe as well.


Navy colour rich wool, unlined, hand crafted in London, England. The Pea Coat has been claimed by many countries. From its introduction in the early 19th century, it was used by the naval services, for arctic expeditions, as well as front line fire services.

Hand crafted in London, England. The fabric has been specially woven into waffle like texture, which adds to water repellent qualities and its also breathable. It can be worn as a casual or a formal piece. It is an eye catching garment that will have heads turning.