Claric’s products are made in a completely different way. No nasty chemicals. Everything Claric make is formulated to help your body to heal itself.


Each one of Claric’s products is made with great care in their laboratory in West Berkshire by their specialist team of skincare experts.

Claric’s products are based on sucrose ester technology. Sucrose esters are the general term used for those products formed by combining sugar with a vegetable oil. These natural products have special properties such as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, especially when combined with environmentally friendly products such as olive and apricot kernel oil.

The Claric Product Range treats the following skin conditions:


The current available treatments for spots and acne are either topical creams and lotions available over the counter or oral medicines available only on prescription. The current topical creams and lotions are predominantly based on salicylic acid or benzo-peroxide and no new products with a novel mode of action have appeared on the market for many years. Alcohol based skin washes are also frequently promoted.

While the current available products may be effective in controlling the spots, most of these products are known to simply dry the skin and can cause irritation. Based on the rationale for treating fruit, Quantum Skincare decided to look at treating spots with sucrose esters in order to encourage internal healing. In a consumer evaluated trial, where a sucrose ester based cream was tested, 60-80% of the panel reported a marked decrease in their spots and a preference of the product over their standard cream or lotion, hence, the introduction of Claric® Spot Relief Cream.


Dry, flaky, irritated, eczema-like skin is associated with an increase loss of water at the skin barrier. Based on the original work in treating fruit, Quantum Skincare funded an evaluation by an independent scientific services laboratory to prove that sucrose esters would create a barrier effect on the skin. Any barrier effect would minimise water loss from the skin surface.

This evaluation was positively proven by a consumer trial which showed that the majority of regular hydrocortisone users felt it worked as well or better than hydrocortisone.


Claric® Spot Relief Cream is a unique, non-greasy, formula that harnesses the natural power of sucrose chemistry to establish soothing and healing relief from spots and blemishes. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It has a soft, silky feel that provides an invisible coating to promote natural and rapid improvement in problem skin.

Claric® Dry Skin Cream is a non-greasy, pH neutral, unique formula that harnesses the natural power of sucrose chemistry soothing itchiness and irritation associated with all dry skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.