About Leida

Launched in 2017, Leida is a fast growing ecommerce British company with its head office located in Bedfordshire.  Leida offers a newly developed multi-vendor marketplace to enable companies to sell their products through a contemporary sales channel.

We take pride in being able to offer Leida’s customers a wide variety of high quality and innovative products from British and European companies of all sizes.  We engage directly with companies, as opposed to intermediaries, ensuring that we are dealing with reputable companies who are passionate about the products they sell.

We are unconventional in that we do not strive to build our business purely to maximise profits for shareholders at the expense of our partners, employees and the environment.  We care and are passionate about what we do and the positive contribution we can make towards society, as well as to the relationship we have with our partner companies.

We value trust, fairness, honesty and integrity all of which are easily forgotten in today’s age where money ranks above everything else no matter what the environmental and human cost.  So, yes, you can say we have an issue with the word “capitalism” as it is currently understood.

The individuals behind Leida are passionate about what they are doing and the future developments planned for the business; and remember, when you interact with Leida, you deal with real people, not just a faceless corporate entity.

Leida has been launched as the new British alternative to the online e-commerce marketplaces that the American companies presently dominate.  Therefore, it is very much my hope that you will become a regular online customer of Leida, as we rapidly grow our offerings from reputable British and European product innovators.

Thank you for your support.
David Rogers
Founder & CEO